Undoubtedly, the word “paradise” is not enough to describe the beauty of this place. In the northeast of the island of Skiathos, lies the beach of ¨Lalaria¨, justifiably one of the most beautiful of Greece. Sculpted by the wild sea, its ​​white-washed rocks (from which it took its name) rise above the crystal clear waters, creating a picture that will forever be engraved in your mind. Untouched by human hand, it is a unique wild landscape, completed by the so called “Trypia Petra” ( hollow rock) at the edge of the beach, a feature that is a pole of attraction for anyone who visits Lalaria. The famous white round pebbles, characteristic of the beach, are often taken by tourists for souvenirs, leading to the alteration of its original natural image. For this reason, an information campaign has been set up by the island’s cultural association to protect the beach by preventing tourists from removing the pebbles that are created naturally only in this area.

Lalaria beach is definitely an awe-inspiring sight and every visitor of Skiathos should take a swim in its waters. Finally, Lalaria is accessible only by boat, and only when the sea is calm enough to allow them to safely make their daily trips from the island’s port to the beach.