Daily Charter

Every day we do daily sailing trips to Skiathos and Skopelos! We depart from the port of Skiathos and we offer a welcome drink and a snack, a full lunch in a Greek traditional taverna and in the afternoon yogurt with fresh fruit and honey!We stop in Kastani, the famous mamma mia beach for swimming and we continue to Dasia, a small island with a very bid  cave where seals born their babies in winter! Inside the blue cave we are swimming and snorkeling!Later we go for lunch in Neo Klima, a little village built after an earthquake and in the afternoon we stop again in Tsougrias or Arcos, little islands near Skiathos and we swim again in very beautifull sandy beaches!

Check in 10:00 and check out 18:00

Our boat is taking up to 12 persons! Thank you very much!!
We are happy to have you on board! If you decide to book we need your passport numbers, your names and your nationality!

The programme of course can change if our guests want something different. We can also do the round of Skiathos!

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